Asphalt Services LLC has over 50 years in the construction and paving industries, specializing in the manufacturing and application of asphalt.  We have been in the forefront of recycled asphalt products, our self-designed production methods not only limit the environmental impact of asphalt production but also save cost over conventional asphalt mixes by eliminating a large portion of the transportation and raw materials used,  all of this equals lower cost on your next project.  Along with our line of paving products Asphalt Services LLC offers construction and transportation services.

Products Manufactured at our facility located at 8200 Tyler Blvd. Mentor,OH

  • 404 - M ULTRAFLEX Surface
  • 402 - M Intermediate Coarse
  • 301 - M Base Mix
  • Screened Asphalt Grindings
  • Custom Asphalt Mixes Available Upon Request

All of our products are manufactured with the highest quality binders for superior wear and flexibility.

Economically our products are the contractor's choice, weighing in at 1.7 ton per cubic yard.